As the year, and in this case, the century comes to a close, I find myself looking back at time gone by. I don't regret time passing ... I embrace it. Through out our lives, many people and events help to create a passion in our lives. For many, it is the birth of their children. For others it's a event that so drastically effects them, that they are no longer the same person. A fire has been lit deep in the soul by the spark of ... reality. My passions are varied. I grew up seeing the Vietnam conflict on the 6:00 o'clock news. I watched the Watergate hearings when I was in my teens. Today I find my passions with watching my neice grow and photography. There was a big void in my life that was caused by the drinking and drugging days. But I always had my passion buried deep inside, waiting to be let out.

The pictures I post here are sacred. This is hallowed ground. The pictures are meant to speak for themself and are not meant to be exploitive. If you want more information on them, drop me a line. Most will be taken by others, some by me.

Photograph by Donald L. MacKinnon Jr. on June 5, 2004, the day before I moved back to the northwest.

Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

At Arlington National Cemetery.

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