Don's Mid life crisis!


This web site is a personal home page on the joy's and pitfalls of the mid life. Visit my crisis resource page. If you would like to contribute, drop me a line.

First let me tell you about myself and my interests. I will also update this page with my current rant or rave. In other words, Don's soapbox.

If I haven't offended you and you are still here, take a look at my photo galleries and images of my favorite paintings from the masters.

I have created a section called Passion . A photograph to inspire thought, discussion, and passion.

Just a quick note ... read about my war on spam. Good information to all who dislike junk email. You can find it here!

If you would like to see what I find fascinating on the web, here is my link page. This is a family friendly web page.

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Any feedback? Email me: donjr at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

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