Mt. Rainier Summer 2004

Okay, the eyes see at around 50 mm. This was on the 28 mm setting of my camera. You are seeing more space then what the eye sees. I was about a half mile from Paradise on the way home. This would also be considered the back side of the Mountain. This is about the 5000 foot level.

The falls coming out of the fog.

Awhile back, I went up to Snoqualmie Falls. I got there to early in the morning for shots of the falls at river level. So after the long walk back, I got this shot on my way back to the car. I was near the lodge ... for Twin Peaks fans, that would be The Great Northern lodge. I just call it by it's name, the Salish Lodge.

The Brothers from Sunset Hill.

The Brothers Mountain on April 19, 2005 from Sunset Hill Park in Seattle. This really is my favorite Mountain. Majestic!

Mount Saint Helens, 7-27-05.

St. Helens burping!

Mt. Rainier with it's wildflowers and evergreens.

Mt. Adams from my Mt. Rainier hike.

The view of Mt. Adams on my little hike from Paradise.

Panorama Point at the 6800 foot level of Mt. Rainier.

The previous four pictures are from July 27, 2005.

Seattle in the fall of 2004.

A view of the downtown core from a park on Queen Anne hill.

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