District of Columbia Photo Gallery

The Awakening at Haines Point.

This is a image map. Click on the parts and get a close-up look!

What would Abraham Lincoln look like if he was alive today? The Awakening! This was one of the highlights of my recent vacation in Washington D.C. This sculpture was flooded out last year when Hurricane Fran hit D.C. Can you imagine what this would look like under water. Really Cool!!

My favorite memorial ... Mr. Jefferson's. And a great place to catch the sunset!

In the dead of winter.

In the dead of winter 2004.

Einstein Lives ... in DC!

The Einstein statue at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C.. This is really cool and right across the street from the Vietnam Memorial.

Harvest Moon 2003

Lincoln Memorial on the Harvest Moon 2003.

Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin.

A rite of Spring at the Tidal Basin.

Red cross sculpture.

From my recent visit to DC in September 2006. From the Red Cross web site, "given to the Red Cross in 1991, Motherland is a heroic monument showing the full figure of a mother protectively embracing her child. Frederic Sogoyan, an Armenian sculptor created this gift from the Armenian people to commemorate American Red Cross relief services to survivors of the 1988 earthquake that devastated their country."

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