As you know by now, this web site is my child. I do not have any of my own at this time, but I keep trying! The whole concept was to detail my transition into and through mid life. I would like to expand this concept and offer this space to anyone who would like to contribute with stories, jokes, or motivational butt kicking. So drop me a line ... this is our community now! Since a few of our stories can be a little damaging, real names will not be used ... but please share. We can all use the collective wisdom to make our lives better and less devastating to our loved ones. And, from the mail I receive, it is our loved ones that are being devastated the most.

I was contacted recently by a person who wanted me to include a link to their site dealing with mid life crisis. There seems to be some good information at this site, give it a visit ... A midlife crisis.


A while ago I received an email from a Dr. Ravi Godse. Ravi is a medical doctor in the Pittsburgh area and had an unique approach to his mid life crisis ... he made a movie. The movie is called Dr. Ravi and Mr. Hyde, "a comedy about a doctor, who went to film school, to make a film about being a doctor" ... now isn't that a mid life crisis! I must applaud Ravi for his effort.

I wasn't expecting a "great" movie and I wasn't expecting a "b" movie, but what I got was a fun and quirky tale. It was very endearing. Part of my joy was seeing scenes shot in Pittsburgh of places I had been to, seen, or enjoyed a cup of coffee. The cafe' were several of the scenes are shot makes a damn fine cup of coffee.

The acting is quirky but you really fall in love with the characters. I found myself actually rooting for Ravi as the movie progressed. The only scene that I felt didn't fit in was the Salsa dance scene. Part of my problem with the scene is the dancers were not movie quality. I have a friend in Pittsburgh who does salsa dance so I know what it should look and "feel" like.

So would I recomend the movie? Yes! It is a lovable tale ... and Dr. Ravi has another movie on the horizon that looks to be as quirky as Dr. Ravi and Mr. Hyde. Ravi ... good luck in finding your path. You have chosen a unique way to express yourself!

Update 2: MSN Lifestyle:Men has a good article on How to Have a Mid-Life Crisis.

And for the woman out there ... I have always felt that it is better to laugh about life instead of letting it get to you. So with that disclaimer in place ... if Menopause: the musical comes to your town I highly recomend it! And take your significant other so he can have a laugh to.

Searching for information on the Intertubes!

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You know you've crossed the mid-life threshold when you're in the grocery store and you hear a Muzak version of "Stairway to Heaven" in the produce department.

From a friend, on getting older and a bit wiser ... "My boss had his kids in the office at the end of the day and they were ragging on him for something and I called out to them. You kids be sweet with your Daddy, I didn't think I was going to get old either but then I looked up and ...".