Cannon Beach, Oregon

June 2006

Neil Young has his "Cowgirl in the Sand" ... I have my "Little girl in the Sand". I was sitting on my deck reading when I heard this little girl running away from her parents. She was not ready to go! So I watched her jump into this dug out sand pit to hide from her parents. No need to worry, her parents knew exactly where she went ... plus ... she didn't stay squatted down long enough for me to snap that picture. I love to watch kids at the beach with all of their wonderlust.

This photograph is from Ecola State Park looking south towards Cannon Beach. A friend remarked about how "spooky" the rocks looked so I did some research. The rocks are remnants of the past coastline that has been chewed away by the Ocean over time.

Well, what can I say. It's waves coming in to the shore!

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach with Ecola State Park in the background.

From the south of Cannon Beach looking north with Ecola State Park in the background.

Sunset June 22, 2005.

Sunset June 22, 2005.

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