I've been fortunate to have a job that has recently sent me north to Alaska for a project. As a matter of fact I will be heading back there in mid May 2008 for another project. Below you will find some pictures I took while I was in the Fairbanks area mid November 2007 and from Ward Cove and Ward Lake in mid May 2008. Enjoy!

The view from my hotel room at Sophie Station.

A typical side street in Fairbanks!

One day we had some network issues which meant we couldn't do anymore work for the day. So I found a great sandwich shop and coffee roaster then decided to find the Pipeline. Below are a couple of other Pipeline pics.

The following photographs come from Ward Lake and Ward Cove, which is about 8-12 miles northwest of Ketchikan, Alaska, taken in mid May 2008!

the trees

The trees ...

the lake

the lake ...

the islands

the islands ...

the shipwreck

and the shipwreck.

When in Ketchikan try the coffee from Raven's Brew.